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At NETRI, we believe we can bridge the gap between in vitro and in vivo. We use neural activity at the network level to translate any mode of action of any drugs. We design, manufacture an commercialize standardized neuro-organs-on-chip.


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Engineering, Biology & Digital applied to organs-on-chip : NETRI’s essence! Would you like to join a fast-growing company in the field of organs-on-a-chip? NETRI is always looking for new opportunities!

Audacity, Agility, Passions and Team Spirit: the 4 fundamental pillars of NETRI. It is our collaborators who embody our fundamental values through their character, quality and work.


With more than 40 collaborators, including 12 PhDs part of a mutlidisciplinary team (engineering, biology and digital), we are located in Lyon (France) with 300 m² of clean room facilities and P2 labs. Audacity, Agility, Passions and Team Spirit: the 4 fundamental pillars of NETRI. It is our collaborators who embody our fundamental values through their character, quality and work.

Executive Team.

I began my research 10 years ago with the hope to help people affected by neurological troubles. I believe that entangling engineering, biology and computer science is the most powerfull way to decipher how the humain brain works. I am very excited to be experimenting fundamental developpement of new technologies and the creation of user centric standardized industrial products with our amazing team.

Thibault Honegger, PhD - CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

As Co-Founder, I am involved in the overall strategy of NETRI. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), I am in charge of strategy, resources, infrastructure and innovation in NETRI's three application areas (engineering, biological and digital). Currently, I am also responsible for the development and stabilization of the production line and the creation of the manufacturing team.

Florian Larramendy, PhD - CTO & Co-Founder

NETRI is a multidisciplinary team, made up of passionate people, whose aspiration is to put organ-on-chip at the heart of the discovery process of new treatments for patients.

Mélanie Gleyzes - Operation Director

At NETRI, I supervise all R&D projects that relate to the equipment nescessary for our clients to interact with our chips. My focus is to drive the democratization of organs-on-chip (OoCs), by crafting a frictionless and modular user experience for our users. This experience should leverage existing workflows and equipement, and allow OoCs to produce repeatable,trustworthy and actionable datasets that can truly shape the pre-clinical phases of the future.

Serge Roux - Equipment Director & Chief Designer

After more than 30 years of financial coaching for more than 50 start-ups from seed to IPO, I am very please to support NETRI in its expansion and supervise the administrative and financial team.

Henry Dorbes - Chief Financial Officer

Management Team.

Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.

Delphine Debis - Head of Engineering, R&D Engineer

The future of personalized medicine is just a few NETRI’s neobentos away

Julien Jacquemond - Head of Administrative & Financial Team

At NETRI, I supervise the development of digital tools for streamlining the analytic processes in relation to the unique needs of our customers. Dedicated tools and processes are needed to encompass the vast amount of data generated by high density electrophysiology and imaging, and to ensure high relevance for advancing the scientific business of our customers.

Damien Colas, PhD - Head of Digital Lab, Product Owner Digital Services

At NETRI, I support the entire IT system and also participate with all employees in setting up computer tools, which will allow us to decipher the functioning of the human brain and help people affected by neurological disorders

Geoffrey Perrin - Head of IT Lab

We innovate to fill the gap between in vitro and in vivo and we aim to do it the right way with the right people. “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin

Hugo Cochet - Head of strategic partnership

I'm delighted to be making my contribution to NETRI to ensure that the organisation has the human resources it needs to operate and grow, and to participate in the career development of its employees so that they can flourish, develop their skills, innovate and improve the company's performance.

Myriam Cornet - Head of Human Resources


NETRI has implemented its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), RSE in French, policy by voluntarily contributing to the challenges of sustainable development.

NETRI Academy.